It's Fun to Get Fit

What is Power Tumbling?

Power Tumbling is a fun way for kids and youth to get fit.  Power Tumbling is also an Olympic sport.  There are three different apparatuses for competitive Power Tumbling:

  • The rod floor (floor designed to help increase speed and height in tumbling skills)
  • Trampoline
  • Double Mini Trampoline

Why Power Tumbling?

This sport will help your athlete develop the gross motor skills necessary to excel in other sports he or she may be interested in.  Power Tumbling is an excellent base for your athletes to start into sports.  Power tumblers have been proven to excel in cheerleading, track and field events, baseball, softball, and even football. It’s fun and a great way to keep your athlete active and enjoying sports.


 National Team

The National Team class provides instruction and training for the athlete who has the desire to compete on a national level.  National Team Power Tumblers practice a minimum of 6 hours per week.  This team will compete at national competitions.  Each National team member will have the opportunity to compete at competitions and the National Competition in Knoxville, TN in 2016.  Competitions will be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis within the state of Texas as well as other locations.

Recreational Class

The TNT Recreational Classes are all about fun and fitness.  Athletes will have fun while learning new tumbling and trampoline skills.  Students will learn the fundamentals of tumbling such as somersaults, cartwheels, round offs, backbends, walkovers and back handsprings. Recreational classes focus on enjoying the sport and learning new skills without any pressure of competition.

Cheer Classes

The TNT Cheer Classes provide instruction and training for cheer teams and cheerleaders who desire to strengthen their tumbling skills for cheer.  TNT offers recreational and competitive cheer classes for ages 5-18.  Call or email for more information about class availability and class schedules.  The Cheer students will learn fundamentals of tumbling skills such as handsprings, roundoffs, fulls and much more.  TNT Cheer classes will help your student with agility, flexibilty and core strength.

Contact Coach Pamela Barnett for more information about the TNT classes or to pre-register your athlete for a class today!